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Complaint filed against a Advocate / Legal Consultant
Section 1: Complainant Details
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Complainant Type *
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Address Details
Building Name
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Nature of Firm *
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Section 2: Firm Details
Advocacy Firm Name *
Note: If Advocacy Firm is not listed, please select Others and enter the Advocacy Firm and Advocate details
Name of the advocate / legal consultant against which the Complaint is Lodged *
Note: If Advocate / Legal Consultant is not listed, please select others and enter the Consultant name
Firm Contact Number *
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Firm Address *

Section 3: Complaint Details
Please add the details related to the complaint *
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Section 4: Supporting Documents
Please upload the following mandatory documentation :
• Documentation and evidence in support of the complaint
• Complainant Identification
• Power of Attorney for legal representatives
Attachments should not exceed 20 MB
Attachments titles should not be more than 128 characters and should not include any special characters
Any large attachments maybe submitted by hand or alternatively by email to

Section 5: Declaration and Undertaking
I declare and undertake that all the information recorded is true and all documents submitted are authentic. I acknowledge that I will be held responsible for submission of any false information or documents.

An employee of the Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department shall contact you within one business day to examine the subject of the complaint and determine a meeting with you

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